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Commit To Your Health

Our gym is located on the south side of Naples. Our classes are 1hr long and the workouts change every day so you never have to worry what body part to workout. The workouts are led by a professional coach from start to finish and they ensure your techniques and mechanics are sound before adding any intensity. CrossFit Naples offers an air conditioned gym that keeps the hot Florida heat out and the gym squeaky clean.

Each workout changes everyday you walk in. Our goal is to create muscle confusion so that you never hit a plateau. Our coaching staff responsibility is to make sure you’re hitting the correct workout stimulus. We will properly adjust workout movements for you, which will maximize your relative intensity level each workout. Simply put, if you cannot safely complete a movement or move a weight then we make the necessary change so you can complete any workout. Each day you come in you will get a planned warm-up, you get taught the movements in the workout, then you’ll get an awesome workout and sometimes a quick finisher as an added bonus. All this goes down in a 1 hr class.


Fully Qualified Instructors

We pride ourselves on having a clean CrossFit gym that is equipped with air conditioning. Our coaches will greet you from the moment you walk into the door so that you feel welcomed. Our coaches are led by one of the world’s best CrossFit coaches and they are well equipped to coach any age, ability, and background. CrossFit can be intimidating and even scary.

Matt T.


Danielle G.


Andrew A.


Miles C.



Join the Team

We pride ourselves on creating coaching professionals that are world class and help clients achieve their personal goals.

Must Haves:
1) Active fitness enthusiast: Live the fitness lifestyle you teach to others.
2) Retain Clients/Growth as Coach.

Position Outcomes: (not really sure what you mean by this, are these expectations?)
1) Referral/Lead Generation. Willing to actively pursue expanding your book of business.
2) Retain Clients/Growth. As Coach you build meaningful relationships and retain clients.
3) Individual Coaching/Personal Training/Group Class. The ability to deliver world class coaching in both classes and via one-on-one sessions.

Pay largely based on personal/class clients at CrossFit Naples. We compensate based on performance, meaning there is no cap to your salary. We provide our professional coaches the opportunity to grow to industry leading compensation.

Coaching classes, personal training/assessment, administration duties, ability to generate referrals (with training).

Coaches will be rewarded with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow have the opportunity to create a long lasting professional career and plenty of space to learn & grow.

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